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Published:February 24th, 2008 14:34 EST
New Kids Reality TV show to launch where KIDS find the Ghosts

New Kids Reality TV show to launch where KIDS find the Ghosts

By SOP newswire

Coming from the innovative mind of series creator John Case of DANGERCASE Productions, with the added talents of Chuck Lamb, aka The Dead Body Guy, is a new approach to the investigation of the paranormal.  THE GHOST KIDS, where kids ages 10-16 team up with a paranormal investigator from The Central Ohio Paranormal Society, and go in search of activity " in some of the most famous and infamous haunted building, cemeteries and such across the USA and Canada. Joining on the team as co host are actor Hunter Gomez and actress Krisondra Daigneault, info and bios can be found on,  who will introduce the participants of each episode of the series, give a brief background history, then at the end bring them back to give their findings.

During each episode the kids will work side by side with the paranormal investigator using thermal imaging, EVP and EMP testing, along with normal videotaping from the crew and their on helmet cameras.  Wherever the team travels to shoot, kids from each city are eligible to take part all, they have to do is simply join the fan club on the website , of which up to 4 will be randomly chosen.  In addition at the end of each episode there will be THE DEAD BODY GUY dying " at each haunted location, in his signature style. This new show will not only have a wide appeal to children but adults will find it of interest as well.

Each episode will be made available via I-TUNES and then on DVD for purchase. Sponsorship opportunities are available, enquiries can be directed to this publicity firm at the phone or email address provided.  Enquiries regarding the show, DANGERCASE Productions or the fan club can also be directed to this PR firm.  Information on the Dead Body Guy can be found at . For the Ohio Paranormal Society A teaser of the show can be seen at

For More Information regarding Ghosts Kids, contact Judyth Piazza at