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Published:October 30th, 2009 23:58 EST
Experimental Mythology EVP Recordings

Experimental Mythology EVP Recordings

By SOP newswire2

We have all heard of different noises that may play a key role in your EVP recordings. This educational article isn`t intended to make you believe or disbelieve. What you will read are personal accounts as well as documented experimentation in known haunted areas that coincide with the noises themselves. You can be the judge. 
My use of experimental noise all started one day when the two words white noise " came across my work with software. I was very interested in this noise and learning that it contained every audible sound known to the human ear and beyond just made me even more curious. I found that this noise wasn`t very soothing " at all; I found it rather irritating. I had to find out if it had any positive potential with my EVP research. Some will call this noise a mask " of deception, and it can be if not used in the proper way, but is there a proper way to use it? This is something we simply do not know, and the sharing of research in the paranormal community is unfortunately uncommon. 
We should look much deeper into the use of these noises. Here we will discuss some true accounts and describe some of the experimental noise created by our very own staff at the HVRN Corporation. Keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and accounts and I have been told by many to keep my opinions out of the equation. I strongly choose not to do this, as this is what increases our knowledge and helps us to form our own opinions. To be honest I have been cut to the bone and ridiculed just for using them and sure, it used to have an effect on me. However, I have moved on, and that is the basis for this writing. 
We have a lot of content to cover so let`s begin with the question, Why should we try using experimental noises? " We truly don`t know if they will work or if these sounds are just a waste of our time. Personally, I would rather be safe than sorry. I started using the experimental noises about three years ago and have had very good results as well as my share of time wasted. I have found in my research that it is best to use them before you even start your recording as it may interfere with the pristine recording you are after, and it could create a large mess if you attempt to analyze your recording later. The first documented time I began using the noises to aid in EVP capture was at a very well know location popularly called The Sallie House ". Some of you may have seen this on television and thought of it to be a place of demons and violence. I won`t go that far with it but will say that the location has exhibited violent energies. Our Research and Development team made a special trip to this location and our findings (using experimental noises) were great! We simply couldn`t get enough of them and just had to try every single noise that our staff created to see its potential first hand. After a team meeting, we decided to try the softest sounds and work our way to the worst, most erratic of the noises.  
Upon doing this we found that the activity actually increased in the home and this was done with no recorders even running at the time. This was an experiment for physical " activity not just EVP. Our first noise was a very calm black light humming noise and this seemed very soothing to the ears. We felt it would be the same for the spirits within the home as well. During its 30 minute experiment period we didn`t notice any signs of physical activity, but did notice that we were all very calm and at ease in the home - something that didn`t come easy at all. 
After its use we analyzed all of the data and found no evidence of activity in the room where it was introduced. Keep in mind that we used all of the bedrooms upstairs for these experiments, and additionally had some hardware intervention in different locations throughout the home (but not always at the same time.) The upstairs bedrooms were perfect for experiments as they were extremely quite and very secure because there was only one way upstairs and this decreased the possibility of tampering. We all sat downstairs at our post and monitored different rooms with video equipment as well as a few other devices to aid us in our search for activity. Before each noise was introduced into the environment we would speak aloud our intentions to any spirits present as well as into our dictation devices. We would then take the normal base readings of the area that you would take during any investigation. We would also do EMF and temperature sweeps prior to introducing the noise. After expelling each noise we found one that actually was a key to that particular area as well as one that sparked activity. The noise of choice for this area was pink noise ". This noise contains less than half of the octave of white noise " and worked very well for the job at hand.  
During the 30 minute experiment with this noise we saw not only the atmosphere change into a thick and difficult to breathe environment " but the physical activity became apparent as well. We began to hear footsteps walking up and down the stairs and what is described as phantom furniture " sounds in the upstairs spare bedroom. It sounded as if boxes and other slightly heavier objects were being moved around upstairs and we sat there listening and visually observing our surroundings. Finally after many trials we seemed to have found a noise that actually worked. Or was this just because we had played all of the others as well and with the combination it somehow caused a reaction? This we may never know but none the less we were on to something.  
I have since used the pink noise " in many other locations and found it to be very useful as it is less irritating to both the researcher and perhaps even the spirit you are attempting to communicate with. The last time I used this particular noise was at an old theatre that is very active. It really seemed to spark activity as well as give the spirits some kind of avenue to speak through.  
In closing, I am not suggesting that these noises work or do not work, but I recommend at least giving them a try to see for yourself. You may discover a few things that would have normally been left behind or not even noticed at all. I am aware that some say these noises can allow you to do what is called Matrixing " or hearing things that are not really there, but we used these in controlled settings. And in the case of the theatre, we were not even in the area to hear the noise during its introduction. Basically you simply cannot accurately judge it unless you try it. Do not simply listen to what others say, try it for yourself as you may be surprised with the outcome. Try all of the noises and noise combinations. In this way, you can hope to find out if there is any truth to these noises or if it is just all in our heads.  
For more information or just for your feedback and comments about the experimental noises, please feel free to contact me via email at I will be more than happy to explain or answer any questions you may have. 

Written By: Todd Bates