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Published:February 2nd, 2009 18:27 EST
British Politician: I Will Share Any Info About UFOs

British Politician: I Will Share Any Info About UFOs

By Robert Paul Reyes

"David Cameron vowed that if he was elected Prime Minister he would bring an end to the era of government secrecy over UFOs and extra-terrestrial activity.

Speaking at one of his `Cameron Direct` public meetings, the Conservative Party leader pledged that a Tory government would be `entirely open and frank` in sharing any information about alien life-forms.

At the meeting in Tynemouth, North-East England, he was questioned about a string of recent mysterious incidents.`I have no idea if there is intelligent life out there,` he replied.`I do believe in freedom of information and openness and this question has been asked from time to time, and I think we should be as open and clear as possible.`"

Cameron promises to be "open and frank" in sharing any information about alien life-forms. I wish Cameron were open and frank now, and admit that the UFO issue is an effort to distract the British citizens from the serious economic woes facing them.

It`s disappointing that a politician who may elected Prime Minister of England is obsessed with finding intelligent life out there when it`s in such short supply down here.

There is no government secrecy over UFOs in the UK or in the United States, and any political candidate who makes such a false claim is unfit to serve in government.

With the intractable economic problems facing the international community, no world leader should waste his time worrying about UFOs.

UFO mania has gripped the UK, almost every day there`s a story about a UFO sighting in the tabloids. A true leader wouldn`t feed the UFO frenzy, he would dismiss is as so much nonsense.