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Published:February 7th, 2009 11:42 EST
2 British Cops: One Sees Flying Saucer, Pal Spots Beast Of Essex

2 British Cops: One Sees Flying Saucer, Pal Spots Beast Of Essex

By Robert Paul Reyes

The UK Ministry of Defense recently released reports of all UFO sightings from 2008, and it should come as no surprise to any reasonably intelligent person that there wasn`t even one incident that conclusively proved that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrials.

There has been transparency and public disclosure from the British government, and guess what folks? Alien life forms haven`t taken an inordinate interest in human beings, and there is no conspiracy to hide the truth from the great unwashed.

"IN a week that an Essex Police officer admitted spotting the notorious "Beast of Essex" it has now emerged one of his colleagues has seen a UFO.

The incident in north Essex is included in a Ministry of Defence (MOD) report listing all the possible UFO sightings it was made aware of in the past year.

According to the incident notes, the officer saw a craft over the seaside community of Brightlingsea on New Year`s Eve."

This a a typical example of a "UFO incident": One bored cop sees a strange craft flying over a peaceful seaside community, and his buddy spots the notorious "Beast of Essex." The mythological beast is a large black cat that prowls the woods of Essex.

Terrific, we have one cop who confuses an airplane with an extraterrestrial craft, and his colleague who thinks a lost kitty cat is the dreaded "Beast of Essex."

These two arseholes wouldn`t last a day in the streets of Oakland, California where I come from.

UFO? Get Real!

Beast of Essex? Please!