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Published:February 14th, 2009 13:47 EST
Dude With Two Cameras Unable To Snap Pic Of UFOs

Dude With Two Cameras Unable To Snap Pic Of UFOs

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Dean Keeton (40), of Bodmin Avenue, was out with friends in Eastwood on Wednesday February 4 when he saw four unexplained flame-coloured lights in the sky at 8 pm.

An hour later, he drove to a shop in Langley Mill and a huge object "descended out of nowhere".

Mr Keeton had two mobile phones with him but, mysteriously, the camera option on both malfunctioned and he wasn`t able to get a clear photograph." Martin Hutton/HucknallDispatch.Co.UK

UFO sightings have become so common in the UK that if you report a mysterious object you will be ignored by the press, that`s probably why this bloke claims to have spotted two flying saucers in one night. It now takes more than one UFO sighting on the same evening to make the British tabloids.

This bloody con artist had two cell phones with him, but "mysteriously" the camera option on both malfunctioned. Yeah right, I`ll buy him a pint of Ale at his favorite pub if there is really anything wrong with his phones. If this guy ever masters the basics of Photoshop the next time he sees an extraterrestrial craft he will provide "proof". With Photoshop even a kid could make an image of Air Force One look like a mile-long extraterrestrial craft from the planet Uranus.

Hopefully now that Ketton has garnered a wee bit of publicity his penchant for spotting UFOs will dissipate.