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Published:April 18th, 2009 15:45 EST
Campers Scared Silly By UFOs

Campers Scared Silly By UFOs

By Robert Paul Reyes


"CAMPERS who spent a night in Pendle were baffled after spotting what they have described as four UFOs flying over Nelson.

Luke Robinson was one of a group of eight who stayed in the Marsden Park area. He said: At about 1- 46 a.m. I noticed a bright yellow light in the sky across the field, like the sun was rising but obviously it wasn`t, at that early hour, though it was as bright.

I pointed it out to everyone else and we went to look closer. One of my friends said: It`s a bright yellow cloud and then the light gradually started to fade.

We then saw four black circular shadows across the sky in formation. It was absolutely silent, but they were slowly drifting."

When kids camp out for a night they eat hot dogs and drink sodas, when adults go camping they eat hot dogs and drink alcohol. This group of eight happy campers must have been drunk as skunks by two in the morning, the time they claimed to have seen UFO`s.

After a night of drinking I`ve seen strange yellow lights at two in the morning, only to discover later that it was my longsuffering sweetheart shining a flashlight in my eyes trying to determine if I was dead.

Eight happy campers and not a single one has a cell phone cam that`s capable of taking a pic of the mysterious objects? Sorry but this tale doesn`t pass the smell test, I doubt if the happy campers will convince anyone that they saw UFOs.