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Published:June 4th, 2009 15:08 EST
Starchild Skull: Human Or Alien?

Starchild Skull: Human Or Alien?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The Starchild skull is a very unusual humanoid skull which has been found around 1930 by a girl in a long-abandoned mine tunnel in Mexico. The skull has been dated to be 900 years old, and beyond its visible external anomalies has many unusual characteristics like very thin and light bone that is highly durable. These and other characteristics suggest that the skull could be of alien origin.

The only way to determine the Starchild`s skull genetic heritage is through DNA analysis. So in 2003 a fragment of the skull has been cut out for the necessary DNA extraction procedures at Trace Genetics in Davis, California. The end result showed that the Starchild`s mitochondrial DNA was easily recoverable and turned out to have a human mother. However, the lab could not recover the nuclear DNA, so a new recovery technique has been suggested which only recently became available. If all goes as planned the results are to be made available this year."

There have been thousands of reported cases of alien abductions and gazillions of photographs taken of UFO`s, but not a single shred of evidence that Earth is being visited by extraterrestrials.

Even the celebrated Rosewell UFO incident didn`t provide us with any proof. If throughout the centuries our little planet has been visited by alien aircraft thousands of times, how come there isn`t any confirmation? You`d think a muffler would have fallen off a flying saucer, or a little green man from Mars would have left some litter behind.

Finally UFO believers may have tangible proof -- the Starchild skull is very unusual and they`re hoping it`s the Holy Grail that will convince skeptics that they`re not crazy.

Unfortunately, mitochondrial DNA analysis indicates that the skull is human. UFO true believers are stubborn if nothing else and they are hoping that a more sophisticated DNA analysis will show that the skull belongs to an alien.

The results from the new test will be made available this year, and I will bet my life savings that the skull is human. But if I`m wrong and the results indicate that the skull is alien, I will apologize for mocking UFO nuts for lo this many years.

UFO enthusiasts shouldn`t be holding their breath waiting for an apology; Oprah Winfrey will give up bon bons before they get an apology from me.