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Published:June 21st, 2009 13:44 EST
Black Ring: UFO, Sign From God Or Smoke From Volcano?

Black Ring: UFO, Sign From God Or Smoke From Volcano?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A Virginia family believes the black ring they saw in the sky during a trip to an amusement park was a sign from God.

Officials at Kings Dominion, a theme park near Fredericksburg, say the ring Denna Smith and her family spotted Monday was smoke from the Volcano ride, WAVY-TV, Portsmouth, reported.

Smith told the television station the ring was perfectly round and so tight it was `like a cut in the middle of the sky,` that it did not look like smoke. She said the family prayed together as soon as they got home.

Cameron Pack, a UFO investigator, said he does not accept the Kings Dominion version because a similar ring appeared in the sky at Fort Belvoir, Va., more than 50 years ago."UPI

If the average person sees a black ring above a real or a mechanical volcano, he will put two and two together and conclude that the ring is smoke from the volcano. He will snap a pic of the smoking volcano, and continue enjoying the rides at the amusement park.

If a religious nut sees the same thing, he will interpret it as a sign from God. He will go home and pray, and make a vow to serve the Almighty by persecuting gays and feminists.

A UFO enthusiast will of course interpret the black ring as a UFO. He will take a video of the black ring over the volcano, and post the video on YouTube. He will label his video: Huge Black UFO over Kings Dominion.

God is not into sending smoke signals to his disciples, and UFOs don`t hover over amusement parks. (or anywhere else on Earth for that matter.)