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Published:July 27th, 2009 10:26 EST
Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Talks About UFOs

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Talks About UFOs

By Robert Paul Reyes

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs often fields difficult questions from the press about health care reform, the economy and other complex and controversial issues. Gibbs was probably relieved to answer a question from a private citizen about the need for transparency in government vis-a-vis UFO`s.

A caller from Seattle asks Gibbs if Obama can make a statement on the existence of UFO`s. Obama probably wishes a flying saucer landed on the Rose Garden to deflect attention away from the Henry Louis Gates controversy.

Gibbs, the consummate professional, replies that he takes the caller`s question seriously, but says that he has not been briefed by Obama on UFOs.

Only policy wonks tune in to C-SPAN, and only a UFO nut would call in to C-SPAN at 4 in the bleeping morning to ask a question about UFO`s.

This Seattle caller is representative of UFO enthusiasts, they are obsessed with the subject of UFOs, and they want everyone to share their obsession.