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Published:August 2nd, 2009 22:42 EST
What Deja Vu Is

What Deja Vu Is

By Mark Frederic Jennings

I guess it`s supposed to be some big mystery or something, but when something happens to you as often as Deja Vu has happened to me, after a while, you figure it out.

My most memorable and obviously valid instance of this paranormal phenomenon happened while I was living in Germany back in 1990 with my sister who was an opera singer there at the time. One winter`s evening as myself and her and some of her friends in the company were walking to attend some sort of event or other, we made a stop at another of her friend`s house to pick him up as well.

As we all gathered on his doorstep and she rang his doorbell, I turned and surveyed the beautiful snow-filled, whitely glowing, old world village night all around. Then it hit. That feeling that I had seen all this exactly as it was in that moment. And not only seen it, but experienced it too.

And as far as I can figure, and have learned since then, is that this is what experts in the various fields that study this phenomenon refer to as Deja Vu. With the stipulation also attending that it was impossible for me to have really ever actually, physically experienced that moment before. Which in this case was easily realized. I had never been to Germany before. Nor had I ever been to this doorstep. I couldn`t have.

Well, and then what I have figured since then, I really had. Just not physically. My journey there had come in the spiritual realm, or psychically, if you like that term better. At some time in my past before that actual trip to Germany I`d had a premonition about that moment in time. And most likely subconsciously. Maybe in a prophetic dream. Or in an only instantaneous vision so quick and seemingly insignificant that it was only logged in my memory very deeply and left there until I again, and actually physically this time experienced it. For reals, as they say.

Because one thing I have learned for sure in the past several years that I have spent occasionally traipsing into the spiritual world, is that there time and space are not truly set in stone like they are in our physical world. And too, that like me, lots of people slip over into that other world from time to time, often without even knowing it, and catch brief and easily forgettable moments in their own futures that they only remember again when that moment manifests in our world.

And that`s what Deja Vu is.

Let me know if you have any other questions.