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Published:August 14th, 2009 20:30 EST
Man's Worst Enemy: A Supernatural Encounter

Man's Worst Enemy: A Supernatural Encounter

By Mark Frederic Jennings


This report may remind you of my book because like so many of the incidents covered therein, this too occurred more than just a few years ago. And also, like so many of the incidents in the book as well, this one, as you`ll soon see, is definitely strange, and most likely spiritual. But maybe most importantly, and also like the incidents in my book, at the time it happened I hadn`t grasped the significance, nor the meaning of it.

Which may be most important because if I had, if I`d really known what was going on when all this happened I probably would have totally freaked out. Heck, it might have even driven me crazy. I mean, even crazier than I already am. Well... you know what I mean... if you`ve read very much of what I`ve submitted so far.

But the reason I say that is because as it turns out, with what I can figure out anyway, that probably what I saw this one time back then, and I`m not kidding either, it was clear as day and right there hovering in the air at the foot of my bed, which is where I get the title for this story, because it was like waiting right there, you know, like your pet dog or whatever. But it wasn`t a dog. No. Not a dog. Not man`s best friend at all. I think it was a demon. Man`s worst enemy. Which well, if I`d figured that out back then, like I`m saying, it would have probably driven me bonkers.

But somehow miraculously, like with so many of my strange encounters, God helped me just absorb them and move on. Probably knowing all along that I would eventually dig them up again, and write about them, and then figure out what the heck it all meant. Long after the fact. When being scared or all whacky about them would no longer be possible. Even something like seeing a pet demon at the foot of your bed.

Which of course is not a good thing. But when you find one there- and I`ll give a more detailed description soon- and then also when the hideous creature seems to be sleeping itself as it hovers there immobile then slowly disappears... and then when you add such an appearance onto an equally strange and seemingly visionary glimpse of their realm, the demonic realm that is, and how they operate within it that I had the day before then yes... I believe pet demon is entirely appropriate. And possibly even a stray that had followed me home the day before. And like I find myself often repeating... I`ll explain...

Like I was saying, this happened quite some time ago. At least seven or maybe eight years back. Heck maybe even closer to ten. And I was living in a condo at that time. The condo my parents had inherited from my grandparents. And since no one else was staying there they let me move in. I was ready to try and start working as a nurse down here in San Diego anyway. Get the heck outta the old hometown... as you might imagine. And plus too, now that I think about it, get the heck outta my parents hair where I had boomeranged back into. No wonder they let me move in to the condo. Ah ha!

But so anyway, that would have actually been way back in `98. And I remember the year because that was also when I got hired on down here at Mercy Hospital. Like maybe you might remember from my book. Good old Mercy Hospital. I got hired there in August `98. Boy how time flies. Among other things. Like you`ll soon see. But so yeah, maybe even closer to ten. Ten years ago this all happened.

And it all started this one day when I was driving around in my old neighborhood back there. Back there and back then. Over by the park. Balboa Park. Which you might have even heard of before. San Diego`s World Famous Balboa Park. The zoo`s there and all kinds of museums and stuff too. And it was a really great neighborhood to live in. Very upscale, as they say these days. With well kept lawns lush and green, and green too up in full and well-trimmed trees, and green even some more up front in healthy hedges. And all of it surrounding stylishly dated and older, large condominium complexes and single dwelling homes. Topped off with wide sidewalks running up and down high curbed and palm tree lined Park Boulevard. So it was gorgeous and really great and all that.

But this one day, as I said, and I was probably either starting out on errands, or returning home from them, but this one day, and I have a snapshot memory of the exact moment to this day, of when the idea, this theory that just came to me somehow, and its accompanying glimpse into that other realm, the spiritual one, occurred. And like I`m saying, I can see it like in a picture, and there I was, driving again, which I don`t know if you remember from my last book, but that was also what I was doing when I saw Judgment Day that one time. In my mind, that is. Which was another glimpse, as it were... vision... whatever.

But so, there I was, behind the wheel again, when suddenly it hit me. And the idea was this... what if there are spiritual entities, I was suddenly asking myself, entities or beings, that hover in their own zone, so to speak, and not too far above our heads, you know, in their own air space, let`s just say, about ten feet off the ground, or whatever, and entirely invisible of course, at least usually... and they hover there, and even fly about, looking for their next victim... some unsuspecting soul who just wanders by.

And then what if these beings then swoop down onto that person, attach themselves to them, like to their head or whatever, or definitely somehow... to their mind... yes, that`s it, I was thinking... they attach themselves to our minds somehow... and then begin psychologically and emotionally influencing us... as demons are said to do.

Although, as I said, I didn`t think of them as demons back then. I didn`t know demons from ding dongs back then. Just evil spiritual entities or whatever. Everything was just spiritual back then to me. All this weird stuff.

WOW, was all I could think at the time though. I mean, that would really explain a lot of the crazy, evil and wicked stuff people do all the time. You know, like those poor housewives who drown their own kids... or those post office employees who shoot and kill their co-workers... and too those politicians and cops and teachers, all of them, who you know have probably been pretty good most their lives, but then they go bad all of a sudden, getting in trouble, like sexual trouble if you know what I mean. And too, the kids with the guns... Columbine... all that too. Brenda Spencer...

I mean maybe it was a stray and malevolent spiritual entity that all of a sudden attached itself to them. Wow, was all I could think. And where this whole idea or theory was coming from, like I`m saying, I had no idea. And I knew nothing, like I`m saying too, I mean nothing about these second and third heaven ideas either that I`ve learned about recently, that are eerily similar. Like I`m saying, this all happened a long time ago.

And then, while still driving and only moments after this theory took shape in my mind, suddenly, and as if in confirmation of the reality of it, I got a quick glimpse of just what that sort of interaction, and that realm, might look like. Although this could have been just my overactive imagination, like I`ve said before, and if you read my book you may be saying, "... that you certainly do have sir," but it really also may have been a true, short peek into another dimension, or however you want to look at it.

Either way, what I then saw as I looked around my neighborhood, and it was fairly crowded with pedestrians out strolling, kids at a nearby school just out of classes and running around all over the place, landscapers landscaping, dog walkers dog walking and poop scooping, postal carriers carrying... etcetera... etcetera. But as I saw all of them, for just a second I could also see creatures flying and flitting about just above them, but moving too fast to make out their form. Just dark and relatively large... things, was all I could tell.

And as I watched a little more closely, after blinking a few times, as you might imagine, I`d see them, these dark and large things, materialize near someone, not too far above their head, or down a ways from them, and then before I could blink again they seemed to quickly merge with the person and disappear within them, and like I`m saying, before I could really make out what these things doing this actually looked like.

Which was okay though. Because before too long I got to see one close up anyway. One of these floating, flying, flitting about things. Or at least I gotta think that`s probably what this thing was that I saw in my bedroom the next day. And too, even more scary, and like I also said, I think it was one that probably followed me home. Which may have been my price for seeing them. You know, that sort of thing.

Or it may have already lived there. At the condo. Who knows about that part. All I know is there it was. And like I`m saying, like it was my pet or something, just hovering in the air at the foot of my bed. My pet demon. And I think that was what I saw going on too. You know, demons having their way with all those  people in my neighborhood. Even Satan himself is described in the bible as being the, "Prince of the air." So where better for these things, his many minions to be doing his bidding. Where better than in, "the air."

But so, like I`m also saying, that was where mine was hovering when I got up the next day. Right at the foot of the bed. Just waiting I guess. Or maybe just leaving. Whatever. Or maybe it had been sleeping there all night. Sleeping at the foot of the bed... like any good pet... you see what I mean? And plus too it was hovering there right about at head height. Or a little higher. 6 to 7 feet maybe.

The thing itself- and here comes that long awaited description- must have been about the size of a large octopus. And the reason I`m saying octopus is because that is what its main body looked exactly like. An octopus. But a particularly round and bulbous one. And as for color, it was a dark purple swirled in with streaks of brown. And the whole mass a sort of undulating and well.... octopus-like texture. Pretty yucky huh? I don`t know what else to say though. It`s just what I saw.

But that`s not all. As if a floating octopus-like creature in my bedroom wasn`t bad enough. Because then, next I noticed it`s legs, which dangled from beneath it`s big octopus-like head and were about four feet in length. And what was even weirder was how they were not at all like an octopus`s appendages. You know, with all those suckers and stuff.

Oh no... that would have been too normal. Instead, it`s legs, which at first glance seemed to number about four, though I now realize probably were closer in number to eight. And the reason I say that is because, it`s legs, that even twitched now and then just a bit as I looked at them, giving the creature an even more realistic look, but it`s long legs looked like those that one would normally find on an entirely different type of creature. Like those that would belong to a spider.

But of course, at three to four feet in length, they hadn`t come from any spider. Although like I`m saying, their design sure had. And pretty much too, they looked like black widow spider legs. You know, smoothly round and segmented tube shapes that come to almost needle sharp points at the ends. And too, what was even creepier, and like I said before, like I needed creepier, but what was even worse was how they dangled. Like I said, moving ever so slightly. Showing me that yes, they were definitely ready for action.

Although that part of the show, I would be spared. Because over the next few seconds the creature slowly but steadily disappeared, completely, until nothing remained. It turned completely invisible. And so I blinked. And then I blinked again. I probably even rubbed my eyes.

And then I got up, and probably quickly, though I honestly don`t remember the details now, but knowing me, I`m sure I probably jumped up and went over to where I had just seen this thing and comically would have felt through the thin air in hopes of touching it, or in some way coming up with more evidence of the thing. Not that I really needed it. Like I think I`ve mentioned, I know I really saw this thing. And to this day would swear on a whole stack of bibles to that fact if I had to. Honest.

But so anyway though, it was gone now. Out of sight anyway. And like I think I`ve also admitted, I really didn`t understand the implications of what I`d just seen, not at that time anyway. And I doubt seriously if I ever even considered talking to anyone else about it. And possibly may not have even tied the two events together, you know, my glimpsing of their realm the previous day and then the personal encounter with one of them, not really knowing it was these creatures that I had seen the previous day. Until now that is. Understanding now that these things are never coincidental. And too that they are very real. Very real indeed.

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