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Published:August 20th, 2009 14:39 EST
 Ghosts Are An Illusion

Ghosts Are An Illusion

By Henry Ocansey

Millions of people throughout the centuries have seen what they consider a ghost. A ghost which I have never seen is a smoky image of a person who once lived. These images are usually of a dead relative or a friend.

Obviously, some people dispute whether anyone has ever seen a ghost at all. They consider these ghost sightings to be from hallucinations, or fabricated stories of people who are seeking some kind of weird attention. Ghosts, however, are real in the sense that people, for the most part, have seen these images of relatives or friends.

The question is not whether ghosts have been seen. It should be whether the images are really the souls of those who have died. In my book, the greatest Mystery Ever Told, I make the point that people, when they are alive, do not have the power to send their invisible soul wherever they want. So where do they get the ability from when they die?

They also do not have the power to make their invisible soul visible when they are alive. So again, where do they get the ability from when they die? The truth is that people do not have the power to make a ghost appear, however, in the Bible it is stated that evil spirits have the ability to create that illusion.

They create that illusion to try to convince people that God does not control their soul when they die; rather they control themselves and their destiny. It is not true that God does not control your soul or judge people when they die. Haunted houses really show that evil spirits are behind ghosts. For they cannot hide their evil nature completely.