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Published:August 21st, 2009 18:06 EST
How Chakras Affects You

How Chakras Affects You

By Devinder Sharma

Majority of the people have blocked chakras and they come in the way of free movement of prana in mundane life as well as in meditation.


At birth, a child`s chakras are charged and vibrating or in other words, "switched on`. Due to dross and impurities the child`s chakras become dormant or in a state of sleep within a few years. Child prodigies and those endowed with extraordinary faculties at a young age have chakras that are alive and vibrating. Chakras being dormant imply that there are blockages or uneven flow of prana energy in and around them.


Practices of pranayama and meditation over time causes far reaching and indelible effect on the etheric body by cleansing and stimulating vital organs like lungs, kidneys, intestines etc. and the nervous system in getting rid of impurities and other radical substances or contaminations that damage them. With this cleansing, practitioners experience profound and sometimes extraordinary phenomenon with indescribable sensations. It is subtle and internal to the practitioner.


This heralds the awakening of the kundalini and called experiencing or awakening of pranas. As the aspirant goes through full unfoldment of this phenomenon he gains insight into the secret of life. There are other non spiritual approaches which can a lead an individual to this point but the fact of being face to face with reality is a spiritual experience no matter what name it might be called by.


Chakras: The literal meaning of chakra is a wheel. It is believed that there are seven chakras or psychic centers of life and consciousness. Of these the first six lie inside the spinal cord. The last center is inside the brain. Each chakra exercises a subtle influence on organs and nerves related to it. When energy gets stagnant in these body areas physical and mental diseases and ailments arise. By meditating on a specific chakra its energy is freed and it circulates freely leading to curing diseases and ailments arising from energy blocked in this chakra and generating positive effects.



Prana: It is the vital energy in the cosmos that makes the solar system work or the earth to spin on its axis or the lungs to work or the heart to beat. There is only one energy of this kind and is called cosmic energy. We absorb this cosmic energy in the form of prana also called the life force into our body which distributes itself into the entire body through hundreds of fine capillaries called nadis. This energy is found in every organ in a healthy body. As long as they work in unison everything in the body is fine but when there are disturbances in the flow of energies or there are imbalances our physical and mental health is affected.