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Published:September 1st, 2009 12:55 EST
Yeti Terrorizes Bikini-Clad Teen

Yeti Terrorizes Bikini-Clad Teen

By Robert Paul Reyes


"TERRIFIED teen claims a YETI spied on her as she took a dip in her bikini in a remote stream.

Justyna Folger, 19, noticed the hulking ape-like beast in Poland`s Tatra mountains, where there has been a spate of Bigfoot sightings in the past week.

She said: `At first I thought it was a bear but then it raised itself on to two legs and ran off. I couldn`t believe it.`

National Park officials are investigating."

The Yeti is a mythological beast said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet.

The strange creatures love to take in the beautiful scenery of Poland`s Tatra mountains, and they also enjoy looking at nubile teen girls in bikinis.

Bigfoot hunters have used food as bait, but they have failed to capture any of the elusive monsters. They have been using the wrong approach -- they should hire a bikini-clad Carrie Prejean as bait.

If a Yeti was peeping at a young woman in a bikini, they must be close cousins to homo sapiens.

I have a feeling a Yeti lives in my neighborhood, he`s a hairy guy who leers at all the young women who walk by his house. This dude has a dial-up connection to the Internet, and an antenna on the roof of his house. He`s gotta be a Yeti!

I find it hilarious that National Park officials are investigating this incident. If park officials ban young girls from wearing bikinis, there will be no more reports of Peeping Tom Yeti.