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Published:September 2nd, 2009 15:00 EST
Oneness the Door to Enlightenment

Oneness the Door to Enlightenment

By Devinder Sharma

An important concept of spirituality flows from the doctrine of oneness which affirms all creations arise from one single source and all forms of life from man to animal to plant world exhibits unity though the degree of manifestation of oneness in each life form varies. It follows that all forms of life are interconnected because they not only have the same origin but life giving and sustaining cosmic energy or life energy impacts the inner structure of all living beings in similar ways.

There is an unmistakable esoteric element in oneness amongst human beings whether you may admit or not. The impact of this in our age and times is profound. We can easily discern organized religion and worship giving way to personal and individualized ways to God. This I believe is the requirement of the time and the collective intelligence and needs of people.

Life energy impacts physical, emotional and mental processes in all creations and connectedness confers spiritual dimension in its manifestation in human, animal and plant life. Apart from properties of sentience to its expression in basic life processes like nourishment, protection, reproduction, loving and caring, locomotion and injury and healing life responses are similar maybe there is a change in emphasis or intensity or depth. Thus, one facet of one`s enlightenment is the understanding of this connectedness or oneness which manifests in being at peace with all creation. When we truly establish oneness with creation we overcome our mental illnesses, emotional problems, traumas and unhappiness.

How is this possible? Let me explain.

It is important to distinguish between the internal and external dimensions of life. When a man expresses the connectedness between atman or soul residing in all lives he creates beneficial vibrations which impact his environment. In one`s transformation, it is simpler to work for metamorphoses of the inner dimensions and then attitudinal or external changes. This may sound paradoxical at first but let me explain. It may be difficult for a person with set responses built over lifelong, say to things like disorderliness or violence or injustice or dishonesty to condone these behaviors but he can by controlling his mind learn to remain calm and unperturbed and even forgive. Over time he will change his attitudes once he understands that for example forgiveness is important for his spiritual growth for by impacting outside negative thoughts and energies with his positive contemplations he or she increases positive life affirming energy in his environment which impacts everyone in that environment.

This internal and external healing enables a rapid union of his mind with his atman, and he realizes his own divinity. Establishing oneness like other spiritual techniques leads to reduced stress, heightened awareness, improved health, acute alertness and enhanced intuition. These changes are transformational and essential for success in any field. Sincere attempts at oneness generate within one peace, universal brotherhood, spiritual love, unqualified mercy and compassion. Such a person attracts similar energies wherever he goes and promotes truth and honesty. 

Does it accelerate one`s spiritual development? Moksha or enlightenment is attained when all past causes are consumed and by achieving true oneness one generates positive causes which help to offset negative ones. Oneness creates the conditions that help you to forget and forgive those who have trespassed against you and thereby let go your negative and violent feelings and causes.


Life energy or prana is the vital energy that makes the solar system to work or the earth to spin or the lungs to work or the heart to beat. We absorb this energy which distributes itself into the entire body through hundreds of fine capillaries called nadis. This energy in our body and mind is not different in different people just as electric current that lights a lamp is no different than what heats a wire.