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Published:December 4th, 2009 18:28 EST
Geek Rigs 5,000 Of Employer's Computers To Search For Space Aliens

Geek Rigs 5,000 Of Employer's Computers To Search For Space Aliens

By Robert Paul Reyes

Access to the Internet is a great asset in the workplace, but it can also pose too much of a temptation for frivolous pursuits. Many employees have been suspended or fired for viewing p*rnography or gambling online.

A computer administrator for a school district in Arizona has been fired not for accessing p*rn sites, but for using school computers to search for UFO`s.

"A computer administrator with the Higley Unified School District in Gilbert, Arizona has resigned during an investigation into suspicious activity.

He`s accused of wasting district resources, totaling more than a million dollars to search for UFOs.

The school district was unknowingly the largest contributor to the `SETI` program, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence."

Brad Niesluchowski installed software to search for UFO`s on more than 5,000 school computers, but even if he rigged a million computers his search is destined for failure. Dude, get real! All you need is one computer to search for Carrie Prejean nude pics, and your search will be successful.

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