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Published:December 4th, 2009 15:33 EST

UK Government Axes UFO Hotline!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Seen a UFO? Don`t bother calling the Brits, they`ve stopped listening.

The British military has quietly shut down its UFO hotline as a cost-cutting measure after more than 50 years in operation. No longer will Britons who think they`ve seen Martian craft in the sky be able to enlist the services of Her Majesty`s armed forces by reporting suspicious aerial activity to a toll-free phone number and an email address.

The Ministry of Defence said the elimination of the UFO office would save about $73,000 US a year that would be better spent helping the troops in Afghanistan, where Britain has about 9,500 soldiers."

Gregory Katz/The Canadian Press

We have all followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, and we can only preserve our sanity by acknowledging that life is basically absurd.

Case in point, this Canadian Press article informing us that after more than 50 years in operation the British military has finally shut down its UFO hotline. It`s mindboggling that a no-nonsense outfit like the British military had a UFO hotline. I hope that the military sets up a voice message referring the UFO nuts to a mental health hotline.

It`s great that the UFO hotline was shut down, but the money saved is going down another rabbit hole: The misguided, illegal and senseless Afghanistan war. This is as absurd as if a person declared that he`s going to stop calling a psychic hotline every day, and the money he saves will be donated to the Flat Earth Society.

I`m not particularly disturbed by the insanity exhibited by the Brits, life is absurd, and I will carry on as usual. I will eat my lunch, surf the Net, and call the 900 Santa Claus hotline to make sure I get what I want this Christmas.

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