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Published:July 18th, 2008 10:54 EST
Whistlin' Praise for Dixie

Whistlin' Praise for Dixie

By SOP newswire

Liz Coyle was looking for some furry company. She and her husband had just moved to California, and as he worked nights, she thought it would be nice to have a gentle puppy at home.

On a visit to the Chula Vista Animal Shelter, the Coyles met with Dixie, a Lab/Rhodesian ridgeback mix who was not quite a puppy and not exactly gentle. In fact, staffers warned that the six-month-old "who instantly flopped over onto her back and showed Liz her belly" was certainly affectionate, but a bit of a handful, to say the least.

"We interacted with her in an enclosed area at the shelter and she was very rambunctious, "Liz recalls. "She ran and jumped on us, but we figured it was because she had been in the shelter that she had so much extra energy."

At home, as Dixie continued to jump and run "not to mention chew" she and her new mom had a hard time learning to trust each other. "She looked at my husband as the pack leader," recalls Liz. "When he told her to stop, she would, but with me it was different. She`d bark at me and run laps around the house at full speed."

Guess who was enrolled in obedience classes after one month? "Dixie did a great job," says Liz. "She did well with the other dogs and was eager to please."

After a few months of training, good, long runs in the park and hours of fetching tennis balls, this rough-and-tumble girl has tamed her energy "but not the cuddle supply. Dixie is a lover," says Liz. "She`s happy crawling into my lap and has to have a paw on me at all times. I`m so glad we didn`t give up. She`s the most affectionate dog we have ever seen."

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Dixie delights in her new digs