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Published:July 31st, 2008 09:35 EST
44-Pound Cat Found Wandering The Streets In Search Of Food

44-Pound Cat Found Wandering The Streets In Search Of Food

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Talk about New Jersey`s fat cats. A 44-pound feline (Princess Chunk) was found waddling around Saturday without a collar in Voorhees, and officials at the Camden County Animal Shelter hope she gets a nice - hopefully, diet-friendly - home."

Quotation from the Associated Press

In these hard economic times many pet owners are abandoning their pets, but let`s hope this wasn`t the case with this chubby kitty.

The fat cat could have escaped, but how does such a huge cat accomplish that feat? It would have taken Princess Chunk a few minutes just to waddle down the driveway, surely her owner would have noticed her getaway?

If her owner doesn`t claim her, I hope she`s adopted by a nice family. The new owner will have to install a sandlot to serve as a litter box, and take out a loan so he can afford enough food to satisfy her.

For now Princess Chunk is staying at the Camden Animal Shelter, where`s she`s been put on a strict diet. Oh no, she may run away again if she feels she`s not getting enough chow.