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Published:December 8th, 2008 11:56 EST
Pet conferences, Dogs' conferences, workshops with cats

Pet conferences, Dogs' conferences, workshops with cats

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

No offense!

My sweet heart "bingo` died when I was four; in fact he saved my life because I was told that if he hadn`t protected me, perhaps you and I would had been narrating a different story, today.

When I was seven, my parents bought us another "bingo".  This time bingo was a she instead of a he.  She would always sneak out late at night to go meet her sweet heart.

Bingo had never told us that she had found her sweet heart, despite the fact that we had always promised bingo that we were going to bring her a companion(s); and for her to be patient, for it wouldn`t take long.

So sad! We noticed that bingo was already pregnant yet we didn`t make her feel that we were disappointed in her, we let her understand that no matter what happens, we remembered that we had promised  bringing her friend(s).

Again, we tried to question bingo in relation to her choice of friends, because we wanted to be sure of the type of friends she hung around. But, Bingo was such a shy timid girl, though very courageous, famed little girl. She barks and will always want to handicap (if told to) what ever that trespasses in to our compound.

I will never forget the day when I was standing by the roadside waiting for a taxi to come picked me up for school when this big cow was gradually coming closer me  I wasn`t scared because time and again we freely move in between cows so I knew this cow wasn`t going to harm me.

But I was wrong, this particular cow had a devilish intension.  Thanks to bingo that noticed it and chased it away.

Bingo and I were such good friends; I remember beating bingo one day when we realized that she stole meat from the pot. Besides, bingo was such a friendly girl, obedient "not until one day, very early in the morning, one of our distant neighbors knocked at our door and asked of bingo, we searched every where for bingo, all we had found was bingo`s chains, indicating that she was capable of escaping.    

This was surprising because nobody had ever thought that bingo could deceive the family.

Our distant neighbor realized that we were tensed, so she told us that bingo has been killed, it seems she was poisoned.

Bingo! Was the only girl in the entire neighborhood that was pregnant and was soon expecting birth?  Cattier People suspected that she was going to give birth to twins.

Bingo had never eaten out of our house, she didn`t even accept gifts, anything edible or not, from visitors/strangers. So it was strange to find out that bingo was given something to eat outside the house and she ate it.

Bingo died just like that, and up till now, we don`t know who killed bingo.

Since then, my father had never bought us another dog, in fact we have never wanted to keep any pet since, bingo I and bingo II died without passing on any offspring. 

Today, I bring up this idea of pets having a general assembly through which they too will be able to understand most of the problems facing some of their mates.
Moreover, they too, could talk about poverty and deadly diseases that shorten their lifespan.

I know they are existing animal shelters, educating movies/cartoons like, etc,
still! I think if there exist over millions of animal shelter houses worldwide, with pets who have got talents, creative just like my late bingos, I think with a international conference, seminars and (or) workshops where they too, will be given the opportunity to talk about their problems, seeking solutions to some problems, and also affording aid to others who are highly indebted etc. while not meeting new friends irrespective of their genus, family or kingdom.

What do you think about this? Imagine cats and rats meeting frequently, sooner they will become friends and before we even realize the world will be such a friendly zone.

What a shame! After, animals have reconciled and are now are looking for a way forward to better this environmental crisis; Homosapiens will still be fighting over nonsense pride.

Surely, these pets might be the ones to re-unite Homosapiens together. Who knows, that might had been the reason behind the creation of pets.

Although I know mad people will always exist, surely, in this case, racism might be re-define "as well marriage because lately I heard some people want to get marriage to Dolphins, Dogs "no offense!
I dedicate this today to bingo girl and bingo boy.

Bingo had always loved gathering his mate, teaching them local medicinal plants or enlightening then on general first aids.

I remember not quiets, bingo doing something on my wound one day I was beaten by a green snake.

For bingo boy, I know, he was a giant German sheeper, I can`t remember him fairly but I know he was wild, and he use to play with me, pulling me down my chair.

I dedicate this piece to all borne & to-be borne pets.
I dedicate this to all animals.
I dedicate this to those animals in pains, suffering, and hunger.
I dedicate this to all the bingos
Long live me, you and they.