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Published:January 26th, 2009 16:55 EST
Proposed Bill Would Let Humans And Pets Be Buried In Same Grave

Proposed Bill Would Let Humans And Pets Be Buried In Same Grave

By Robert Paul Reyes

"When Sen. Ken Jacobsen passes from this life to the next, he wants to be buried with his deceased cat, Sam. There`s just one problem - it`s illegal.

So Jacobsen, D-Seattle, who is known for proposing oddball laws, is working on behalf of himself and other pet owners who would like to be interred with their animals.

Jacobsen`s bill would give cemeteries the option of burying owners with their cremated pets as long as a written request is made. The remains could be buried in a grave plot before, during or after their owner`s passing."

BRIAN SLODYSKO, Associated Press (AP)

The AP writer isn`t very objective, there is nothing oddball about Sen. Jacobsen`s proposed law. If a pet lover wants to be buried with the cremated remains of Fluffy or Max, there`s nothing strange or unusal about that.

I`ve never had a friend or a lover who didn`t betray me or let me down in some way, but I`ve never had a dog who turned against me. Given a choice of being buried with a former lover or man`s best friend, I think a lot of people would choose to spend eternity with Rover.

The Egyptian Pharaohs were buried with things that they would need in the afterlife: Gold, silver, jewels and the remains of their pets. Sen. Jacobson`s bill has common sense, deceny, and history on its side.

I`m going to be cremated, and that precludes Mandy, Molly, Ebony and Midnite from sharing my grave plot for eternity. Otherwise I would save the cremated remains of my pets when they die so they could be buried with me.