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Published:February 19th, 2009 11:18 EST
PETAS's "Live Make-Out Tour" Features Lipstick Lesbians

PETAS's "Live Make-Out Tour" Features Lipstick Lesbians

By Robert Paul Reyes


"In a public display of passion that`s bound to raise a few eyebrows and turn lots of heads, two PETA beauties--decked out in sexy lingerie--will kiss and pose provocatively on a bed set up on the sidewalk at a busy Albuquerque intersection on Friday in order to make the point that vegetarians are better lovers. While the steamy sirens are `getting it on,` activists holding a banner reading, `Vegetarians Make Better Lovers,` will pass out free copies of PETA`s `Vegetarian Starter Kit` to let gaping onlookers know how they can spice up their own sex lives. It`s all part of PETA`s `Live Make-Out Tour` during the week leading up to Valentine`s Day." PETA press release

Needless to say PETA`s girl-on-girl street exhibition raised more than a few, um, eyebrows. Do lesbians have anything to do with the price of tea in China or the benefits of a vegetarian diet?

Before Megyn Kelly of FOX News ran a clip of the PETA lesbian hotties, she warned her audience that the content might be "unsuitable for little ones." Fox News has aired countless scenes of heterosexual couples kissing, hugging and making out without feeling the need to issue a warning.

In fact FOX News should run a continual crawl at the bottom of the screen that reads: FOX News may be unsuitable for little ones. Our female anchors and reporters look like porn stars, and they are required to cross and uncross their legs at least ten times per minute while clad in very short skirts.

Megyn Kelly clearly is homophobic, but is PETA exploiting lesbians? Lesbians look like any other women but whenever they are portrayed on TV or in the movies they are always drop-dead gorgeous. I`m glad that PETA`s lovelies are of the lipstick lesbian variety instead of Rosie O`Donnell lookalikes, but the display leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

In my humble opinion PETA is exploiting lesbians, at the very least at the "Live Make-Out Tour" PETA should pass out brochures of gay rights organizations.

PETA should depict the health benefits of a vegetarian diet in their commercials, and stop exploiting lesbians.