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Published:July 24th, 2009 23:42 EST
Cops Find 80 Cats Roaming Around Dead Woman's Home

Cops Find 80 Cats Roaming Around Dead Woman's Home

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Her neighbors called Glinnie Berry the `cat lady` and when authorities showed up at her house, they found out why. Inside, Blanco County deputies discovered the body of Berry, who had died of natural causes, and 80 cats roaming around her home.

Crews were surprised to find most of the cats completely healthy. 17 kittens are now at a clinic recovering."

My two dogs have destroyed my lawn, it seems every day I find a hole or a patch of brown grass. My two cats have destroyed the inside of my house --they have shredded my curtains, ripped apart my carpet, and used my furniture as a scratching post.

I love cats, but I can`t imagine coexisting with 80 felines. Cats are independent and they don`t require much upkeep, but it most have been a 24/7 nightmare to care for 80 little monsters.

When my cats use the litter box, sometimes I have to open a window so I can breathe. That old lady must have worn a mask to cover up the stench.

The cat lady (God bless her soul) should be commended for taking such good care of her cats. Let`s hope that the humane society will find good homes for the 80 tiny terrors.