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Published:October 29th, 2009 10:25 EST
America Infested With Bedbugs: Max The Beagle To The Rescue

America Infested With Bedbugs: Max The Beagle To The Rescue

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Sleep tight, don`t let the bedbugs bite"

What American child hasn`t heard this advice from his parents? These homespun words usually made kids smile, because bedbugs were as real as the Tooth Fairy.

Bedbugs were largely eradicated in this country after World War II, but the bloodsucking parasites have made a comeback in the last four years.

The prospect of going to sleep in a bed infested by bedbugs can make even a grown man squirm like a schoolgirl. I`d rather share a bed with a celeb bimbo like Lindsay Lohan who is infested with crabs, and a dozen STD`s, than sleep in a bed teeming with bedbugs.

Bedbug infestations have been found even in luxury hotels -- who can we turn to for help? Why man`s best friend, of course!

"There`s a new dog in one city putting a stop to bed bugs!

Max the Beagle is a certified bed bug scent detection dog working with Wil-Kil Pest Control in Madison.

Bed bugs are becoming a big problem in the Midwest, so the company brought Max`s nose in to help."

There are highly trained canines who detect cocaine and marijuana, and then there are pooches like Max the Beagle who sniff out bedbugs. Max is a professional in his own right, he is about 98 percent accurate in his detections.

Every fine hotel should hire a bedbug detection dog, let`s face it a lot of upstanding citizens go to hotels for romantic rendezvous, and nothing kills the mood like a bed crawling with bedbugs.

My dog can`t get rid of his fleas and ticks, I doubt if he could be trained to detect bedbugs. I hope I won`t ever need the services of Max the Beagle. Bedbugs scare me more than Amy Winehouse high on crack demanding that I let her give me a shave and a haircut.