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Published:February 1st, 2010 10:03 EST

The White Dog

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

I like dogs, but I am usually afraid of them if they are not on a leash especially if they are big and barking.

Once, a police friend of my nephew left his dog with him when going on a vacation for a month a big white dog which was continuously barking" day and night and scaring everyone, especially the children when they passed  in the back alley adjacent to the terrace of my nephew´s apartment.

He has actually attacked several children and police have been there and warned my nephew and my aunt strongly.

Again, as he was barking at the passing children, my aunt took a stick in her hand and hit the dog several times. I reacted and told my aunt not to do it. The dog came to me after my defending him, winded about my feet and started licking my shoes, he was showing his appreciation. My aunt went on shouting at him:

- You shouldn´t scare the children passing by here! She said. Otherwise they would have to pay a big fine.

The dog, a very strong big thing has escaped from his chain several times and attacked the by-passers. But, he was happy with me, after I defended him. "

One day, I came to visit my aunt and my nephew again. Their apartment had two entrances. One by the street and one through the terrace. If I went to the main entrance, they usually did not hear the door bell, as they always sat in the terrace. If I went to the terrace directly, the dog was there. I didn´t want to risk any attack by him!

Right at that moment, I saw the dog some thirty yards away from me, looking at me. He had escaped his chain again. I thought, that was it! He would attack me. As there was no other person near-by, I was his only choice!!!

But, he wasn´t barking. He turned his back to me, and started to signal me with his head, that I should follow him. And as I hesitated, he came backwards, decreased the distance between himself and me and continued to beckon me with his head, clearly signaling me to follow him "It was unbelievable!

I followed him no barking, no attacking at all! -  and he led me to the terrace.

My aunt was there. She asked me:

- Didn´t you get scared of him?

- Yes I said I did" and I told her the story.

She was very astonished. He was bound here until a while ago," she said. He has escaped his chain again.

- To meet me on the way! I said.

- Incredible my aunt murmured what a dog!" 

From then on, everytime I went to visit my aunt and my nephew, the dog always met me at the bus stop. No barking, no scaring! He led me to the terrace, quietly and happily, swinging his tail. 

I heard his stories from my nephew later. He has once followed his owner hundreds of miles.

I think my nephew said once that his price was something around hundred thousand dollars.

A very well trained dog. 


This is one of the many delightful short-stories in WISDOM IN SMILE by Askin Ozcan.

ISBN 142577153X (Xlibris).