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Published:March 31st, 2010 09:05 EST
winston the dog

Video: Winston The Dog Takes A Bite Out Of Cop Car

By Robert Paul Reyes

You are driving down the road and you see a patrol car parked on a side road patiently waiting to nab a speeder. Your blood boils as you witness this lazy cop itching to catch a hardworking citizen instead of protecting us from criminals.

winston the dogMan`s best friend, Winston the Hero Dog, took matters into his own paws and ripped off the bumper off a cop car that was waiting to nab speeders.

"A pit bull is on probation after ripping the bumper off a police car and chewing the tires on three other cars flat as two other dogs barked and wagged their tails, local media reported Friday.

The brown and white mixed breed named Winston spent two weeks locked up in the Chattannooga, Tennessee animal shelter after the bizarre attack was captured on a police surveillance camera." AFP

Watch the video, it will make your day. Winston, the hero dog, even has a couple of admirers: Two cute dogs wagging their tails, and cheering him on.


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