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Published:May 28th, 2010 12:19 EST

Kimba The Australian Kitty Survives 30-Minutes Dunk In Washing Machine

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A fluffy white Australian kitten survived a 30-minute dunk in a washing machine, including a high-speed spin cycle reports said on Friday.

kittyKimba, a four-month-old Persian, astonished her Sydney owner after emerging dazed and sopping wet from the front-loading washing machine, where she had sneaked in for a cat-nap."


Cats are shadows, they follow you around without making a sound. Many times I`ve been so engrossed watching a TV program, that I didn`t notice that one of my felines had jumped onto my lap.

Lindsay Rogers, Kimba`s owner, isn`t necessarily an inattentive pet owner. Cats are silent, sneaky, and they pick the weirdest places to take a cat nap.

My cat Molly likes to sleep under the refrigerator, and sometimes in the litter box. I live in a small house, but sometimes it takes me forever to find my cats.

The poor kitty suffered shock, hypothermia and inflamed eyes from her horrendous ordeal, but she has made a full recovery.

The spin cycle may have robbed Kimba of a couple of her lives, but she will provide her owner with many more years of mischief and love.

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