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Published:June 27th, 2010 14:41 EST
lion cub

Where's PETA? Restaurant Serves Lion Burgers In Tribute To World Cup!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Offering up lion burgers as a tribute to the World Cup in South Africa is getting a Phoenix valley restaurant into controversy.

lion cubThe Il Vinaio restaurant in downtown Mesa has received a bomb threat and around 250 e-mails from animal rights activists after it announced it would offer lion as a special to honor the soccer tournament.

`We thought that since the World Cup was in Africa ...that the lion burger might be interesting for some of our more adventurous customers,` owner Cameron Selogie told Reuters. Reuters

Offering a lion burger on a menu has nothing to do with soccer, the World Cup or South Africa. This is a misguided, racist, and disturbing promotion. Hopefully it will backfire, and result in the bankruptcy of the dining establishment.

Selogie is implying that Africans are savages who kill and eat lions. The only place in the world where you will find lion burgers on the menu is at Selogie`s restaurant. Selogie is the savage who had a lion butchered for the sake of a publicity stunt.

Selogie attempts to justify his crime by pointing out that the lion that was butchered was raised at a US Dept of Agriculture regulated free range. There are very few lions left, and none of these magnificent beasts (wild or free-rage) should be murdered for a cheap publicity stunt.

PETA needs to make an example of Selogie and demonstrate outside his restaurant until it goes out of business.

When I read that Selogie`s joint has folded, I`m going to celebrate by downing a beer and eating a vegetarian sandwich.

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