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Published:July 17th, 2010 13:28 EST

Woman Devastated: Crocodile Eats Her Doggie

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Florida woman whose dog was killed by a crocodile is urging the city of Coral Gables to put up warning signs for other pet owners along the canals.

crocodileAdriana Salcedo, whose Jack Russell terrier was killed by a crocodile earlier this week, said she is going door-to-door collecting signatures on a petition. The petition asks city officials to install signs along the canals warning pet owners of the crocodiles` presence, WSVN-TV, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., reported Friday."


I feel like starting my own petition to call upon the city of Coral Gables to ban this oxygen thief from breathing any more oxygen.

Hello! Florida is infested by crocodiles, especially along the canals. Hello! Anybody with two brain cells knows that crocs along the canals are a menace to dogs and humans. Hello! Anybody who loves his dog will keep it on a short leash when he is walking by the canals.

The city of Coral Gables shouldn`t waste any money on unnecessary signs. You don`t need to put up a sign by the buffet table in a restaurant that reads: Get the hell out of the way if you see Oprah Winfrey or Rosie O`Donnell headed to the buffet table. You don`t need any freakin` sign warning of the presence of crocodiles along the canals.

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