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Published:August 10th, 2010 17:00 EST

Restaurant For Pooches Opens In Australia

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A restaurant for dogs has opened in Australia, which serves up tasty fare for hungry hounds.

It may sound like a barking mad scheme to some, but Chew Chew, in Sydney, is proving a massive hit with its mouth-watering range of meals for mutts.

dogThe menu features dishes such as beef steak with mushrooms and chicken wings, fish soup and chicken wings and lamb bones.

If owners` pooches fancy a coffee, no problem, but Chew Chew serves its `doggie-cinos` with a sprinkling of dried liver treats."

In these hard economic times when many folks are surviving on Top Ramen and mac and cheese, a restaurant for dogs may seem to be in bad taste. But I think a restaurant for canines is an excellent idea, nothing is too good for man`s best friend.

The menu sounds absolutely delicious, if only McDonald`s offered such appetizing entrees. If I take Mandy and Midnite to a restaurant for hounds, I would order a plate for myself. I might even take a doggy bag home with me.

Many times I`ve taken a lady to a fancy restaurant, and received zilch in return. If I take my pooches to a dining establishment, they will lick me in gratitude.

Critics may complain that a dog will eat its own poop, and it`s silly to lavish them with gourmet meals. I beg to differ, my pets have discriminating taste, they rarely deign to eat dog food, usually they eat the same thing that I do.

I wish Chew Chew all the success in the world!

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