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Published:August 31st, 2010 18:09 EST

Video: Sylvester The Cat Gets Revenge On Mary Bale

By Robert Paul Reyes

Mary Bale, the woman who befriended a cat, and then dumped it in a trash bin, is one of the most hated women in history.

Typhoid Mary, Tokyo Rose, and Mary Bale "

If I were jogging down the street and I saw Mary Bale on fire, I wouldn`t get too close to her lest a drop of my sweat fall on her. If I saw her being mugged , I would tip the mugger $50. If I witnessed a bolt of lightning strike her, I would walk into the nearest church and say a prayer of thanks to God.


All of us, on behalf of felines everywhere, would love to dump Mary Bale in a dumpster. But now a cat has taken revenge on the awful woman.

An English radio station has created a parody video wherein a dude dressed in a Sylvester the Cat suit dumps a woman in a trash bin.


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