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Published:September 24th, 2010 12:23 EST

Cat Comes Down From Tree After 11 Days

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Out on a limb in Texas Township: Cat has been stuck in tree for about 10 days.

The cat, which wears a dark collar and appears to be Siamese, has been perched in a tree for the past nine or 10 days, some 50 to 60 feet above the Camerons` backyard.


`It meows constantly,` said Pam Cameron, a library media specialist for Mattawan Consolidated School. `We just heard it meowing for a couple of nights and we realized it was in one of our trees.`" Read More

It`s not uncommon for tree huggers to perch on a tall tree in protest of logging. Sometimes they say up there for days and weeks, and frankly I don`t give a fig if one of them falls and breaks his neck.

But I love all animals, especially cats and dogs, and I would be mortified if any grief befell the Siamese kitty.

On "Leave it to Beaver", one time a cat was stuck in a tree, and the firemen arrived to save the day. But this is real life, and the firefighter`s ladder wasn`t tall enough to save the cat.

If that darn kitty stays in the tree for a couple more days he will have is own Facebook page.

Late breaking news: The kitty cat finally decided to come down from the tree this Thursday. The cat scratched the person who finally succeeded in coaxing him to come down, and scurried off, hopefully to his home.

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