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Published:January 31st, 2007 11:01 EST
Platinum Ice Records Introduces Ms Quick with RollerCoaster

Platinum Ice Records Introduces Ms Quick with RollerCoaster

By Leon (Producer) Leon

On August 10th 2006, at Quantum Beats Studio in Columbia SC, a group of gentlemen sat in a well built room in what could be consider a circle. As they waited, a short brown skin female with braids made her way into the door which led to the sound booth. With door closed and headphones on, she began to blanket the microphone with her sound. She finished, placed the headset on the hook and walked out the door. As she stood there in front of her audience, she gazed at them with long awaited anticipation. All was quiet for only a second, and then one man stood to his feet and confronted her. With his hand placed softly on her shoulder he only had one word to say, "Unbelievable".

Rising from the small town of Cheraw SC, Chifvon Quick also known as "Ms Quick" is no stranger to music. With her soulful melodies and outstanding range, Ms Quick delivers a heart pounding, show stopping performance no matter where she is.

The words of her songs seem to touch even those who can't relate to them, as if her voice gives them a doorway to live out the experiences as they hear them. She captures every single ounce of what is in her songs, and serves it with every bar she creates. With a large amount of vocal training and participation in various groups, Ms Quick has an arsenal of vocal weaponry that will rival the most experienced and accomplished artist. Her ability to project angelic notes and riffs was found at the early age of four years old, and she has made the necessary steps since then to make sure that finding it was not in vain.

She began singing in the choir at church at the age of eleven, and quickly became one of the more utilized singers in the organization. With her experience in choral work from both the church and her high school, Ms Quick moved on to bigger things, having joined the concert choir at both colleges she has attended.

With the combination of training and beautiful natural talent, she has become a defining figure in every musical venture she has ever taken part in. Ms Quick's decision to become a part of the Platinum Ice family proved to be one of the most outstanding events in her career, as she has continued to produce nothing but hit after hit under the supervision of some of the music industries finest producers such as LG and Easy Moe Bee. In the words of Ms Quick, "The best of you can only be seen when you bring it out".

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