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Published:February 1st, 2007 13:54 EST
Platinum Ice Records Introduces Jay . The Bossfather

Platinum Ice Records Introduces Jay . The Bossfather

By Leon (Producer) Leon

There are leaders, there are followers, and then there are those who stand out from everything that you have ever heard of.  Without rival, these individual take over anything that they can put their hands on, and mold it into a creation in which the likes we`ve never seen.  Hard going, never stopping, their motivation lifts up even the most uninvolved individuals; taking the entire collective that they are with to a level of over accomplishment and achievement.  Their worth if immeasurable, with a focus that can never be blocked, these individuals hold in their hearts the power to influence masses with simple dedication.  With out question, if anyone has had the privilege to work with Jarod "" Harris, then they have met such a man. 
Hailing from the small town of Cheraw SC, also known as "The Bossfather", has driven himself to a position of excellence and outstanding accomplishment.  He has toppled over blockade after blockade, never stopping his forward progress, in his accomplished attempt of developing an unstoppable rap persona.  As an MC, comes with an original flavor and flow that has never been heard before.  His ability to tell  stories and display details within his lyrics, allow the listener to fall into his world for the most incredible three minutes of their life.  However, along with his ability to bring new and fresh styles to the table, he also has the ability to become one of the most versatile rap artists alive. 

Beyond the intense rap artists shell that has so masterfully embodied, is an outstanding businessman with a deep hand in various walks of life on the other side of music.  With the ability to grab the best out of the worst, change minus into plus, in the word of "the only thing that`s impossible is something being impossible"; there is nothing he can`t do.  Recently signing to Platinum Ice Records was the icing on the cake, and now placing him in a position where he can not only share his talents with a great company, but with the world.

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