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Published:November 1st, 2007 09:28 EST

Without You

By Caddy Burrows

Without You

My love for thee was always true.

There was not anyone in my heart.

No one else to take your place-

No one for your part.

My love for thee was always true,

Wondering into world and places.

I did not know which way to go--

I saw unknown faces.

Your love was so bright in me.

I was so happy to shine,

And I was ready for the future-

I knew you’d be mine.

You were always there for me.

We were so happy together.

I knew it was right from the start-

Always us forever.

I thought you could see inside of me-

Our love would always be true.

Somewhere, something did not feel right-
No, “I love you.”

The breakup was so horrible,

I did not think I would last.

But you were still holding on strong-

We had a past.

I knew we had been through a lot.

You saw the beauty in me.

I tried to let go and move on-

No one could see.

I was crying in my heart.

I was lingering to take you back

I was trying to be happy-

Knowing not to lack.

You were crying from your soul,

But I did not look over to see you.

I did not have any place to go-

The love was not true.

Now, it has been over a year.

I do not think of you very much.

But sometimes my mind goes back-

Thoughts of your touch.

I saw you today, finally.

I looked at you with a sigh.

You still looked at me the same-

Then a sudden goodbye.

Memories are still here of you,

Thinking of days gone by.

I am doing very well-

Now, I don’t cry.