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Published:November 2nd, 2007 00:03 EST

~Pink, Blue and Green~

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Chase von, The Last Panther...

Any race can have an Albino...

And although that person is a human just like the rest of us, they still get looked at, as if they are from another planet by all races and also that is to include their very own race...

Perhaps they are given to us here in all races of humanity, to teach us all of the complete senselessness of racism.  It still baffles me why people flip if they see an all white snake, alligator, lion, deer, stag, or tiger or well, you get the picture, but look at human Albinos like it might be contagious...

From my book, 'Your Chance To Hear The Last Panther Speak' and also the title of my first book where it is also included. 

~Pink, Blue and Green~

I cried a rainbow
Because I didn't know
You see
I'm an Albino
The tears were...

Pink, Blue and Green

I saw a red man
He said; "Hello, Pale Face!"
I saw a yellow man
He said; "You? You start own new race?"
I saw a black man
He said; "Damn! Go stand in the sun!"
I saw a white man
He said; "Jumping Pig's fat!
I ain't never seen one!"

And yes to each
I extended my hand
But the same response from all was
You better go some where man!
They didn't understand
That I also have a heart
It's their complexions
That keep them apart
I had to pity them
Just as they pitied me
I looked inside them
And it pains me to see
The limitations and boundaries
They continue to make
It's such a shame
More than this poor heart can take
I cried a rainbow
The tears were...

Pink, Blue and Green...

By Chase von
The Last Panther
All rights reserved