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Published:November 5th, 2007 04:01 EST


By Kathryn Were Omwandho

Oh, here I go again,

Down the same winding road

The one, I took,

With my bare feet and hands,

I walked this road,

The thorns pricked and poked,

The rain poured,

But still I walked,

With hope, I knew you'd be there,

At the end of the road,

Waiting with arms wide open,

So we would continue the journey as one.

But when I reached,

Your arms were crossed,

You lifted them, as if to embrace me,

But pointed to the road that I came,

And said,

"You’re not wanted here, return."

So here I am, again,

Foolish heart,

Walking the road for another,

The thorns are pricking and poking,

The memories come flooding back,

The hope,

The joy,

The sorrow,

The pain,

This heart never learned,

It’s become a slave again,

But this time I love stronger,

Hope harder.