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Published:November 12th, 2007 02:16 EST
You Are A Star

You Are A Star

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

When you wonder what you are
just remember you are a star.
As busy as you always are
it's easy to forget. 
If you were a song 3 minutes long
you would be a Hit!
If only the world knew you
like you knew,
they would see...
a wonderful woman
with a dream
that could set the whole world Free. 
A beautiful dream
full of interesting places
a mind like yours contains
so many faces
Sometimes it's easy to forget
just who you are
but remember in your heart
you are a star.
Up some lonely streets
you've come this made you strong
had some tough decisions
to choose your right from wrong
Parts of you the world
will never see.
but it's all a part of you
your destiny
Dreamers dream at night 
and wake without the traces
when morning comes
their empty soul less places.
So don't forget
at night remember who you are
look inside your soul
and say I am a star.
Hopeless days have
simply come and gone
you made it through the midnight
you made it through your storm
Real friends are few
but that's all that you need
to hold your hand
and say you shall succeed
So don't forget
at night remember who you are
it's easy to forget
when friends are far
hold on real tight your
dreams your trials can't mare
if you look into your soul
it's there your spirit's whole
yes, you can reach your goal
remember you are a STAR.