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Published:November 12th, 2007 13:58 EST
You Are So Amazing

You Are So Amazing

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Very few people really know you like I do
You are so amazing
that words limit my tongue to,
Say what I feel,
the truth is words are real
I mean like physical, tangible, touchable, erruptable
like the way you touch me in my soul
even though your hands felt me never
your words oh so clever.
They warm me like Thai food when I'm cold,
Heart to heart, say to said
from your pretty little lips
to the ears on my head
your words touch me
like the call you
gave me out of the blue December
helped me keep myself together remember
You can know like I do but I do
& if you feel me now you know it too.
handless you handle me with expression
respectfully you speak discretion ever
so discretly
because you are unique and special
You are so amazing.
Many speak toward you
but not into you as I do
they know you outwardly
but inwardly they speak to you in silence
you have a part of you so deeply
removed many could never imagine
you are broader than the Great Plains
deeper than the Grand Canyon
When I come before you as I am now,
my thoughts flow freely out of me
and into you, red becomes green
then purple the color of Kings for Queens
I am moved by your passion,
exalted by your royalty
I glow with in
you are so amazing.