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Published:November 13th, 2007 00:41 EST
I know you know...

I know you know...

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

I know you know
the smell of citrius fruits
tangerine waters
Hot tubs of tea to slip into
sip into mood waters
filled with fragrance
freshen the outer me
remove the doubter me
taking me deeper into the inner me
winner me
that others sometimes fail to see
gotta be this new atmosphere
I'm seeing clear, spray it near
say it here, right hear
in my ear, have no fear
I know you know
it's clearer than I've ever seen
squeeky clean, like a dream
but I know you know
now it's slow,
yes, it's slow it down time
to ease my mind
take a break away from the fast
get out the past into the present life
relaxation, aaah what a sweet sensation
I was born to rock a nation.
relax myself
close my eyes, surprise
bring body back in sync
I'm feelin pink and it feels good
cit-r(us) makes me miss tenderness
and I know you know
back into the ebinflow of
time, right on time
you know what I need
a well oiled satisfaction
tub of ro-man-tic, toss the frantic atmosphere
it's so clear
see it near more near as if it's right hear
cause I know,
you gotta know
how I feel.