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Published:November 24th, 2007 10:46 EST


By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Search me
Know me
Open your arms
And come and hold me!
From your distant place
I can see your face
Love is flying so fast
My mind just can't keep pace!
With emotions, feelings and passions
Of dreams of eternity and pure loving that is yes...
Ever lasting....
Sad thought
Block it out!
You don't even know what
I'm all about...
What do I do?
When my mind is all controlled by you?
Of course...

I'd ask you if I thought you knew...
Back up
Shift it?
Never have I ever been
So twisted...
Should I just back up and freeze all my passionate special loving thoughts?
For you...
Yes you...
Should I smack myself and ignore the love you didn't even know you brought?
With you...
Oh Baby...
Surrounds you...
Should I stop looking and imagining about the thought of you makes me feel so complete and yes...
So weak...
So weak love...

Should I consider this silly and force myself not ever to even speak?
Don't speak...
To you...

In my mind
You're so sublime
Walking poetry with a punch line!
I'd do more for you
Cause I adore you
But you don't even know the sight of you
Makes we want to see
More of you!
Gonna stop!
Have to stop!
You don't even know that I exist!
Plus you have a man
And I understand
But would he ever, ever, ever give you this?

His heart and his love and his thoughts and his time and yes without hesitation all his dreams?
To you?

His spirit and soul and the remote control to every thing that he thinks he is?
To you?

His life in the event there was the time when one ever had to really choose?
For you?
Would he ever say I can deal with that loss but YOU, LOVE,
Are someone that I just can't lose!!!
Not ever!
Cause it's all about you
You have that here...
You don't even know me...
Perhaps that's how it's supposed to be...
I know you
My soul has brought a closer view!
You're special and all of me from top to the bottom knows that's true!

Love you...
From here...

On the outside like a waiting tear!
To be wiped away
And for you to say
I too know that you're my real true way...
By Chase von
The Last Panther
All rights reserved