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Published:November 29th, 2007 05:44 EST
---To Be------

---To Be------

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Once upon a lonely time 
to dream ---To Be--- I had to find
to live out this wonderful dream ---to be---
this most amazing rhyme to me.
for a moment I thought
that I could be "A Dream" to all that I could see
That dream was ---to be--- so sweet and kind
a friend like no other friend could find.
And since I could not find this friend
I just became this friend within.
So daily right before I rose
I lived ---to be---as I had chose
and blessed my friends with words
so sweet and acts of kindness
that many could not receive
and accept my acts as I believed
and I only wanted ---to be---
that special friend I found in me.
All though I opened up the gates
to release this friend on out
some chose to trap my friend within 
by blocking all my outs
and told me not ---to be---
this special friend I found within
that no one else could see.
If I could live ---to be---
that special friend inside of me
a friend that loves and truly cares
amidst the blinded minds that stare.
uncomfortable it seems to me
that love ---to be---
if I could be
if others let me,
I could go free
and set so many free ---to be---
that special friend inside of thee.
So I ran to the shorelines
those distant places
and in the clouds I saw their faces
unhappy people who could not be
the happiness they saw in me
to be ---to be---
that`s what you need ---to be---
find that friend inside you see
I know there`s one, there was in me
and you too have the will ---to be---
---To Be--- the sweetest person you can
---to be---the friend some understand
---tO bE--- the different one they see
that makes them say.
you know it`s perfectly okay
for me ---to be--- the JOY today that some may never see
it is okay
it is OKAY
for me ---To Be---, for me To Be
I found in me.
It is okay for me ---To Be---.
so I am Free ---To Be---
the me ---To Be---