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Published:December 5th, 2007 04:13 EST
Moon Flower

Moon Flower

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Some flowers grow by sunlight
but you bloom in midnight
Reflecting the moon's reflection
your perfection gives the empty direction to earthlings lost in futile
materialism looking for superiorism.

Some flowers need the earth
but you have stars to rebirth
your propensity, comes in night's density, intensity, the mystery of your
Hidden "Flower People" that cannot see,
we were all mean't to be Born Free.

Some flowers are moved by the wind
but you move the earth within
Hearts of sunshine,
blow my mind.
Finless people swim waters divine
slide on your e-motion's tide.
you were made to ride
as we glide across the Milky Way.

Sweet flower of the moon,
how do you bloom?
without rain, or sun power,
without earth or nitrogen.
I wonder will you tell your story.
of the pain, release your glory.
Using power from within,
Power humans don't understand.

Some flowers need the Sun
but you need wind,
and I a friend to help me mend
things I can't explain in power,
trapped in cracked pots, locked in Moon Flower.