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Published:December 8th, 2007 17:44 EST


By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)


One of the main reasons
People live unfulfilling lives
Is because people often believe
Other people
Instead of themselves

We've all done it
We've all believed

Only to have that belief
Shattered by another person's take
On reality

I think I will do this!

You're too old!
You're too young!
You're too short!
You're married!
You have too many children!
You're fine where you are!
Why aren't you satisfied with where you're at?
Or the well worn one...

Are you crazy?

If you listen to it long enough
You begin to believe
You know what?
They're right!

And that voice that was saying
"You can do it!"
Becomes a fading whisper

Those that don't listen to others however
Find out something
That only a few ever really discover

What you do in life
Is what you do in life
And if you do what you want to do
Regardless of who is telling you why you can't

And succeed

You learn

That what others say

Well meaning or not


To give up the responsibility
Of being true to one's self

Or living the life you want to live
And that voice that says

"You can do it!"

Get's louder and more encouraging
With every hurdle you leap
Despite the odds
As you near your dreams

And when people tell you

You're going to do what?

Return to school to further your education?

How are you going to do that with three kids?

How are you going to write and publish a book?

You work full time!

Instead of marinating on how hard it is going to be

You respond silently

By doing what it takes to show them

And more importantly yourself

Whose life it is your living

And finding a way

To live it and own it

By believing the one that matters the most

When it comes to the life you're talking about
And the voice that matters most

Not the one saying
How improbable
Or how impossible
Or is filled with negatives
"Or wise so and so's tried that and..."


The voice that matters
Is the one you should believe
That told you it was possible
And had you feeling good
And anxious to get started
And wouldn't have spoken
If what you desired was something
You could never achieve

The voice of which I speak?

One you should know more intimately
Than any other voice on the planet


By Chase von
The Last Panther
All rights reserved