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Published:December 13th, 2007 03:48 EST


By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Speak quickly
speak forcibly
speak now
Speak against the forces of darkness
that come to bring destruction
know that your home is well
though your life seem under-construction.
Speak to the illegal bandits 
who circle you like you are pray
for the strength to be stronger
And your days to be longer,
so that nothing can get in your way.
Let nothing confusing take hold
speak my friend and continuously say
to your body, your mind and your soul.
The darkness errupts into day
Welcome courage and peace right on in
to rid you of pest who create the unrest
Yes I'm talking about the "Unwanted" friends
called fear and worry and doubt
you must Speak to your nemisis "Get Out".
Their mission is to destroy
It's your job to abrupt them
being happy & content it seems
this is enough to corrupt them
So sing and play and laugh and pray
And I'm sure you will disrupt them.
But SPEAK and you shall over take them
your words have power the stuff to break them.
Speak words electric move like lighting bolts
speak words of power magnetic force fields volts
yes currents that move like rivers up your spinal column
words that touch making you happy move you from the solemn
abyss where darkness makes you swing and miss
Speak now, speak Wow your words are power like a kiss.
As you Speak you will bind, freeing up the clogged mind,
cause it's truly all in what you say.
Speak now confidently and say so intently
and the shadows will shine bright as day
speak with power and intent and all
your shadows will be rent in twain and move out of your way.
Now it's time to SPEAK to the mountain
let nothing cause you some dismay.
It's time to Speak perk up don't be meek
let joy and laughter be your hope,
Your friends deserve peace through spoken release,
get going through Speaking you cope.