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Published:December 18th, 2007 08:06 EST
Rise Above IT

Rise Above IT

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

There was a time when Kings used to go to war but now we are the warriors of the battlefields of life.  What we fail to rise above we will fall below.  All weaker power is sucked into the stronger powers.  You are as strong as you desire to be.  Today you have a choice...IF you have the courage to Rise Above IT...will you?  If I can do it I'm sure you can...Deremiah *CPE

Rise Above IT

An Ocean within an Ocean

A Sea Within a Sea

A Mountain within a river that's

what you are to me

A Valley within a valley

a Rainbow within a star

You are the outer space within

that's what you really are.

And if you only knew

if you only knew

you'd RISE Above IT too!

Yes you'd

RISE Above IT too.

You'd rise above your


and all your endless shame

you'd rise above every mistake

and fall and rise again.

You'd rise above your past

and tell it all so true.

there's nothing that can hold you down

Nothing can but you.

And if you only knew

yes if you truly knew

you'd RISE Above IT too!

Yes you'd

RISE Above IT too.

A Rock within a pebble

The wind within the rain

The JOY of every sunshine

that's what you are again

The hope within All HOPE

You're Amazing, Wise and Free

you're the life in all creation

You are your D-E-S-T-I-N-Y

And if you only knew

IF you only knew

you'd RISE Above IT too!

YES you'd

RISE Above IT too.

You'd RISE ABOVE your


and take your rightful course

you'd RISE ABOVE negativity

remember you are the Force.

You have the power to move

or choose to just keep still

you determine your Destiny

Fate yields to your will

You'd RISE ABOVE your past

within you is all truth.

Be diligent now and the world will see

within you is the proof.

And if you only knew

yes if you truly knew

you'd RISE Above IT too!

Yes you'd

RISE Above IT too.

Whatever you're facing now

tell that "Mountain move out my way"

it's time to RISE Above IT.

It's time to rise and say.

I'm lovely, wonderful and beautiful,

full of knowledge... I am Free

to use my inner genius

my creativity...

I choose just who I Be

It is the power within me

and yes I know it's true

the words Deremiah says to me

that I CAN... RISE Above IT too!

And now I am made new

yes daily I am made new.

and I RISE Above IT too

Yes I RISE Above IT  too!