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Published:December 20th, 2007 06:42 EST
What do you see?

What do you see?

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Who is the me you see when you look at you.  Do you look at yourself more clearly these days or do you struggle by over compensating for the fuzzy picture you see of yourself?  Are you confident or are you fearful of the you, you see?  Regardless of what position you take learn to be more comfortable about your uncomfortableness regarding your inner picture of you.  Deal with it!  If I can do it I'm sure you can.

What do you see?
As you see yourself
Tell me, tell me, tell Me true
Do you see the self
That others do?
Or are you left without a YOU
That you can't see
what others see.
I wish, I Wish that others
Knew, the you I knew
As I SEE you
So what do you See
When you can't see like me?
The sea I saw in you
Was deep.  So much I saw
I tried to KEEP!
And wish I never, EVER lose
The vision of you
That I choose
That's what I saw
But what Do YOU see?
Do you pray for life to
Set you FREE,
Then choose your choice
But don't be found
Your pretty eyes must look around
For behold this is the world you choose
Do you like IT!
Can you see?
 beyond the substance
Then look with me.
And when you look you must look close
In the shadows
But don't you boast
or tell
A soul what I show you Now!
What do you see?
Stand in the mirror and look back at me
This is the you, you saw you see
The self that others can not contain
Don't see the you that's in your brain
I see you clearly lost at sea,
A treasure trove you are of course
I'd gallantly gallop upon your horse
to see the you, You see I saw
And reveal the sadness that
"Can not be" It doesn't belong
to the you I SEE.
For Happiness is your inner course,
Your pain in you CAN NOT divorce
You from the JOY that's YOU
So see beyond what others do
And see the mystery it wasn't YOU that was lost at sea,
It was your treasure,
The happiness you failed to measure
the you I saw in you I see
this is the secret that sets you free
You aren't the you that I used to know
once blanketed deeply by the snow
but icicles melting are your tears,
Lift up your face, DROP DOWN your Fears!
Let them go & flow into the rivers quivers
Like rivers are tears from many years
But now I know what I
Couldn't see
"What do you see?"  Said the mirror to me.