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Published:December 22nd, 2007 04:52 EST
The Scent of  EMBRACE

The Scent of EMBRACE

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Spring Times hands ticking
Inner yearnings clicking,
once again the scent of embrace
rain drops quitely kissing my face.
I have a thing for spring,
her atmosphere makes me sing.
What was dormant moves again
she comes in Marches wind.
Her arrival brings release
the earth expands & out springs Peace!
A subtle quietude,
becomes harmonic interlude.
Geese squawking overhead
birds chirping "Winters dead"
Silence now at rest,
Nature shouts "No Doubt Winters given her best"!
Everything is released at Spring
She's such a glorious Queen
"Bring Gifts of Majesty-y-y-yyyy
release the slaves were free-e-e-eeee!
So many things releasing
Clouds releasing rain
Sun releasing light
Moon releasing the night
Every muscle within me moves
releasing power with all my might
Life releases his seed.
Earth's womb causes seeds to bloom.
While way below where long grasses grow,
the earth releases the weed.
My brow releasing now a bead of sweat
Off your nose it trickles rolling
Like rivers raining roses
That's what Spring exposes.
Me & you two, now one
embrace... closer than close can be
so close that I'm you
close-er now you are me.
Fragrances swimming constantly
Dancing around my head a raging see
the smell is just like Ginger
Evocative so remember.
A springtime with a Queentime
I dream of Kanata
Odor makes me Green with ecstasy
Spruce gets loose with Cedar,
holding lemongrass closely
Touching my inner path mostly
Tickle me make you laugh
A place where no one walks our special path
Everything's growing as we embrace spring,
Entreat me like a King
Misty spray aromatically clouding
My Oh dears, as you're nears,I feel no fears,
We cling...let heaven & earth ring!
I could have sworn something was born,
that made me hear angels sing.
Seconds seem like years,
Springs rains weep deeply like tears.
Deep within we reconnect,
she sweetly changes my intellect.
gave me wisdom as solace,
nothing can take Springs place.
As we bud we gent-ly embrace.