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Published:December 24th, 2007 07:44 EST
Love Wrapped in Eternity

Love Wrapped in Eternity

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Sitting on the edge of the bed I imagined most people are thinking about the gifts they have bought or plan to receive from someone they love this Christmas.  I can`t help but think of our soldiers in Iraq who have been separated from their husbands, wives and significant others. 

It must be a challenging time.  I could imagine how it must feel being thousands of miles away from home seperated from family and friends with no one to hear your pains of love for those you care for dearly.  It must be painful sitting on a military truck somewhere or guarding a very important entry way into a city on a hot day not knowing if the next car may contain a suicide bomber. 

So to this cause I`m sending my love and I pray you will pause a moment and send your love too!  You see real love can not be wrapped in a box and sent as a gift.  Real love is something that you give freely because you care so passionately for the one you love that you want them to know it. 

When it`s all said and done nothing can separate real lovers from the ones they tears, no oceans or land masses can block us from sending our love so join me and dedicate your love and send it today to our soldiers. 

To the families, loved ones, friends but most importantly our soldiers who have been separated from their loved ones I dedicate this poem to you.  May God bless you and return you back home to us where you can experience again the love we have for you here in America.

Love wrapped in Deremiah (this ones for the soldiers.  The real Soulja Boys and Soulja Girls.)
Save your tears
put them in a bottle
with a rose for me
Lay it flat
right across the ocean
let it float
across the seas
then you`ll know
that I love you,
and there is nothing
that can separate me
from your love
your love
cause our love
is wrapped up in eternity


As I lay out in the midnight
I look into the moon
I see a light
that floats across the skyline
I know that it is you
and I know that
I love you
so don`t you ever
worry about me
because our love
our love
is lost and wrapped
deep in eternity.
Ancient waters
rivers of our bloodline
travel deep down
to our souls.
In your eyes
there`s a million
life times
hear our hearts
beat like dummers roll.
yes you know
that I love you
and nothing can separate me
from your love
your love
cause our love
is wrapped up deep in eternity


See the rainbow
galaxies in our mind
cuneiform in each star
so futuristic
you`re a hidden language
never revealing who you are.
but you know 
that I love you
and nothing can separate me 
from your love
we are love
Lovers wrapped up in eternity.
It`s in the wind
It`s in the rain
it`s in the moon
it`s coming up again
It`s in our hearts
It`s in our minds
it`s in our love
it`s forever and all times.


You know that I love you
and nothing can separate me
from your love
your love
our love
is wrapped up in eternity.