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Published:January 9th, 2008 15:52 EST
A Poem Called Mercy by My friend and Mentor, Ed Roberts

A Poem Called Mercy by My friend and Mentor, Ed Roberts

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Years ago, while in the war, I was able to go to an Internet cafe and do what many others were doing, email family and friends, get emails and search the web.  I found myself searching for poetry and came across an incredible poet named Ed Roberts.  I emailed him and to my surprise he emailed me back and as time went on, we exchanged books.

Not too many people know about Ed Roberts and his powerful works.  (Not too many people know of me it seems either).

But I included his Poetry For Life Project in my book in the rear in the hopes more people will discover who this amazing man is.  I have recieved so many testimonials from him that he has shared with me, crediting his words with changing, and yes even saving lives.

More people need to read the works of this incredibly gifted man.

I have asked him to be a Mentor here to the students as well.

He sent this to me today, January 9, 2008.  I asked him if I could share it and he said of course.

By my friend, Mentor and Brother, Ed Roberts, Author of A Poets Last Stand and the creator of the Poetry For Life Project.


There is a man in Kenya

Trying to make his way home from work

He turns the wrong corner

Into a strange neighborhood he wanders

Maybe it’s the color of his skin

Maybe it’s his dialect

To the people living there

He is their enemy

Someone to hate

They come out of their houses

They beat him with machetes

Hack him to death

Piece by piece

He begs them to stop

Pleads for his life

But his words fall upon ears

That can not understand

One simple word


A boy from Wisconsin

Out of school for the holidays

Visits his relatives in Chicago

He goes to the mall

Decides to try and find a last minute gift

To give his Aunt and Uncle

Who were kind enough

To open their home to him

He doesn’t realize his jacket

Is the wrong color

He doesn’t know on whose turf

This mall belongs

It is cold

This is the only coat he owns

They stop their cars

Three of them

He doesn’t see the gun pointed

Out the back window

He just feels the burning

As the bullet pierces his chest

The roar of the pistol

Is the last thing that he hears

They kick his body

As he lays there at their feet

They remember

How many of their friends have fallen

They show each other

They can have power over another

The one thing that they have forgotten

Is Mercy

Two people

A world apart

Die the same day

Both at the wrong place

At the wrong time

Both innocent

Both condemned

Killed in the place of another


Simply because they were there at hand

And I sit here trying to find something I can offer

To both the innocent and the guilty

For they themselves

Are not fully the ones to blame

And the best that I can find

Is just one word

That so many can not seem to comprehend


Ed Roberts 1/09/08All rights reserved

For more about Ed Roberts visit his web site at:


This was inspired by his words,

Another telling write by another powerful voice...

~Mercy, Justice--and Grace~

They try to balance

Mercy and Justice

On life's scales

But Mercy--

Most always

Is greater. 

Has Grace

Ever chosen


Maybe this is because

The face of mercy is grace.

The  face of grace is love.

The face of love

Is God

By Vivian Stewart

All rights reserved